Staff and Volunteer Training

Safety protocols protect health.

Reduce Liability and Prevent the Spread.

Get the guidebooks.

Learn the risk.

Use the protocols.

Make your social space a safe place.

Social Hygiene Training

What is included

  • Guidebook on safe cleaning & disinfecting
  • Guidebook on 8 COVID-19 safety protocols
  • 1-hr online Staff & Volunteer Safety Training
  • Site Self Risk Assessment Checklist
  • Safety Protocol Application Card
  • Safety Recommendation Card

Learn to spot and stop the spread of germs in the air.


  • Tips & Tricks
  • Partner Discounts gear & equipment

Social Hygiene Training


Social Hygiene Training

What to Know | What to Do | How to Do It

Spot the risk so you can stop the spread.

Science education.

Risk assessment training.

8 public health protocols.

"We hit the breaks to stop a car... except on black ice.

Now I know what to do and my clients feel safe."

~Matt Straub, Executive Producer of Performing Arts Educators