Manual training gear

Safety protocols restore communities.

Education. Training. Gear.

This training Includes a 90-min live online class and a 60-page training manual covering viral load and transmission, spotting hot zones with a 25-pt risk assessment, and applying the 8 safety protocols at your site.

Earn a registered Site Safety Seal after passing a knowledge test. Earn a registered Site Safety Placard after all staff have been certified.

Safety Seal and Placard holders get access to bulk rates and custom printing from our PPE manufacturing partner ASTI Hygiene Solutions.

With our immediate training and monthly support you will experience

Increased member trust and retention;

Accelerated safe and permanent reopening status;

Economic and health recovery locally and nationally;

Cost savings from informed purchasing and staffing decisions;

Increased staff safety, confidence, productivity, and attendance.

Site Operator Training


Site Operator Social Safety Seal and Placard

Online Live Course and Guidebook

60-page user-friendly eManual:

* What to Know: SARS-CoV-2 disease transmission

* What to Do: Indoor hot zone spotting & 25 risk assessment

* How to Do It: Applying the 8 safety protocols

90-min Live Online Class:

This class teaches operators how to conduct a site risk assessment and apply the 8 safety protocols to their needs.

PPE Masks and Sanitizer:

Access to a subsidized steady supply of athletic-grade face masks, personalized masks and safety kits, and high-quality sanitizer.

*Access valid for 60 days.

"Finally! A coherent overarching checklist of what to do."

~Matt Straub, Executive Producer of Performing Arts Educators