Anyone Can Make an Effective Cleaning Plan -

The Safe Way

Learn how to make a cleaning and disinfecting plan that saves time, money, and is safer for your staff and customers. At the end of this series of short videos, you will be able to make a realistic cleaning plan that works. This class briefly covers an inspection program so you can show customers you are doing everything right to keep your site safe.

About Your Instructor: Geoff Lawson

Geoff Lawson is the Operators Lead for the Auburn School district in Auburn, Washingtoon. He has 24 years in the custodial field serving 8 years supporting janitorial health and safety at the Federal Way and 4 years for the Auburn School District. Geoff has developed comprehensive cleaning program that uses time and accountability to ensure Healthy, Safe, and Clean buildings.

Geoff lives in Renton, Washington with his wife, three kid, and many pets.

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Easy Steps to Making a Good Cleaning Plan

Keep your site germ free the safe way.

This class teaches you easy steps to create a clean plan based on time, not square footage. Knowing when to sanitize vs disinfect will save you time, money, and keep your site safe.